FOQA - Flight Data Monitoring :
• Reading and archiving QAR files,
• History database dctivity downloading QAR files,
• Flight data analyse through the software "VORTEX",
• Provision for viewing and annotation for each pilot of these flights,
• Periodic statistical reports,
• Parameter Statements for the realization of Trend Monitoring,
• Parameter Statements for the realization of 'Bias Fuel'.

FOQA - Fatigue :

This service in partnership with ACME Audit allows you to correlate events detected during the flight analysis with a tired indicator defined by you.

FOQA - Personnal Performance

Innovating and improving flight safety, this service allows you to correlate crews and detected events. These statistics can detect by PNT is not followed procedures or difficulty in performing the procedure.

Mainteance - Readout SSFDR:

We suggest checking all parameters recorded on your SSFDR in accordance to the manufacturer's documentation. You will be given a report describing the status of each parameter.

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    We use our own flight data monitoring software. This will guarantee an service still available.
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    We archive raw data files for you, they are saved so has never be lost.
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    We carry all statistics devised by our customers. We carry combinations of events and trend charts ...
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    Data safety

    Your data is secured by compressed archives. French Flight Saefty only knows the compression technique.

Vortex Software :

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